Secure Text Messaging from Absent Answer is a proven, trusted solution for physicians, medical professionals, and others who require strict privacy and secure communications.

Secure Messages Delivered to Your Devices

Our Secure SMS service allows you to send and receive secure messages on your smartphone using our MiSecure messaging application. The app sends encrypted messages to its own inbox, separating important messages from text messages and email.

HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging Service

Maintaining the security of protected health information (PHI) is an important part of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which was passed in 1996. A key aspect of the legislation is the “Security Rule,” which defines security procedures that healthcare professionals must use in order to ensure the confidentiality of electronic protected health information under their stewardship.

Our secure messaging app uses encryption technology when sending and receiving messages that may include PHI to Android, Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Blackberry devices, ensuring security of any PHI data. The Health Information Technology for Economic Clinical Health (HITECH) Act passed in 2009 enforces many aspects of HIPAA, and imposes penalties and criminal charges on organizations that violate HIPAA rules.

By utilizing Secure Text Messaging from Absent Answer, you can ensure text message communications remain secure and compliant.

Secure Messaging Answering Service Integration

In addition to providing a fully compliant secure messaging application for the healthcare industry, our secure messaging solution integrates with all of our medical answering services, enabling doctors and healthcare professionals to enjoy all the benefits of our third party telephone answering services, on-call paging, after hours answering, virtual receptionist, and 24 hour call center services while ensuring that their messages remain secure, encrypted, and fully HIPAA compliant.

How Secure Messaging Works with Medical Answering Services

How does secure messaging work in combination with our telephone answering services? As strong as our commitment to full compliance is, so too is our desire to keep things efficient and simple for everyone involved. It shouldn’t be difficult to retrieve your messages or navigate through various tools and devices. Here’s how our secure – and simple – healthcare secure messaging process works when coupled with our live medical answering services:

  • When the answering service dispatches a secure message, a notification is sent to the app installed on the recipient’s smart device and persistently alerts the recipient until the message has been read.
  • Install the app on multiple devices—an Android™ phone and an iPad®, for example—and your messages and notifications are always synchronized for added convenience.   
  • We immediately receive “message delivery” and “message read” receipts indicating that the message was received and read by you. We know what is happening with your message, and receive your response, instantly.
  • Use miSecure Messages to easily reply to, organize, and protect your communications all through a powerful app on your smartphone.

A real world medical answering service scenario coupled with secure messaging would proceed as follows:

  1. A patient leaves a message and an Absent Answer call center agent creates the message within your account on our system.
  2. Our secure messaging system is activated in real-time.
  3. You will receive a notification via email or text that lets you know “You have a new secure message.” Keep in mind that this text or email will not contain any information or data from the message itself, but a notification that there is a secure message awaiting you.
  4. When you are ready, you can log into our secure web portal (from your mobile device, laptop or desktop computer) and view your secure and encrypted messages.

Benefits of miSecure Healthcare Text Messaging from Absent Answer

  • Affordable – No text or SMS plan needed
    • Send and Receive Unlimited Number of Messages
    • Send and Receive Unlimited Number of Characters per Messages •
  • Flexible – can be used with Apple, Android and some Blackberry devices
  • Secure – HIPAA and HITECH compliant secure messaging. We do not send data to your device. The application securely logs into the message server and never actually stores the message on the phone. The application is password protected and you can only view the data through a secured connection meaning that your communications and data are encrypted and safe.
  • Easy to use – just like text messaging, but you can only communicate with contacts in your group/circle.
  • Time Saving – you and/or your on-call personnel will not have to take time away from your busy schedule to call to confirm receipt of your messages. Just acknowledge us back right from your miSecure application to stop dispatching or for further processing.
  • Unlimited number of licenses – you can have as many devices in your group as needed.
  • Your data is safe – cannot copy, paste or forward any of the messages outside of your circle within your licensed devices. If you lose your device, we deactivate the lost device. New devices can be registered using the same login/password you used to setup your original device.
  • Customizable – recipients control how they want to be alerted when a new message is received. Recipients can customize:
    • Audio/Visual Settings – indicating how they want to be alerted for new messages.
    • Persistent Alerts – to determine how often they are alerted about a new message