Is your business missing important phone calls? Are your existing employees too busy to deliver the professional receptionist services that you demand for your customers? Remote live answering services from Absent Answer can help. 

Our telephone answering services are available to our customers 24×7 and delivered from a secure, remote location. This means that our team is always available to take your calls — during office hours, after hours, during emergencies, when your office is experiencing downtime — anytime you need assistance handling your call volume, our professionally trained call center agents are there. 

How does a remote receptionist work? 

A remote receptionist answers calls like a regular office receptionist, only they perform their duties from an off-site location. And instead of being an employee, remote receptionists are provided by an answering service vendor like Absent Answer. The benefit to using a third party receptionist service is that you gain the benefits of professional live answering services for a fraction of the cost. 

With a remote receptionist, there is no technology setup, no employee to hire, no training to provide, and no headaches associated with managing additional staff. Our team provides everything you need to have your calls answered professionally, anytime day or night.

Have every call answered live

Having your calls answered live has a number of benefits. First, it ensures that you’re delivering high quality customer service to everyone who calls your business. There is no reliance on voicemail or automated phone systems. Every call is answered by a human being.  

Remove live answering services also allow you to respond quickly 24 hours day and avoid mishandling important calls. Our call center never closes, which means you never have to close either. If your business is at risk of missing important calls after regular business hours, our remote receptionists can fill the gap. 

Remotely answering calls in the name of your business

Our remote receptionists answer calls in the name of your business and follow your exact instructions to ensure calls are handled correctly. The majority of the time, callers never know they are interacting with an answering service. 

Beyond answering calls and taking messages, our remote receptionists can route calls, dispatch information, schedule appointments, and more. Any task your on-site receptionists can do over the phone, our receptionists can perform, too. That includes interacting with web-based software applications and working as an extension of your office staff. 

We can take calls when you can’t

A remote answering service is the ideal backup to your onsite customer service operation. Our call center can take calls around-the-clock, even when your facility is offline. Whether you’re looking for a disaster recovery answering service to take calls in the event of an emergency or a redundant call center to take overflow calls when your phone lines are busy, remote call answering services from Absent Answer can ensure your customers never experience downtime.  

Get started today

To learn more about remote live answering services from Absent Answer, click here to review our plans and pricing. Have additional questions or want to speak with a call center expert about your needs? Contact us online or dial (888) 414-2405 to learn more.