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After-Hours Property Management Answering Service

Answering service for property managers

Answering service for property managers

Give your residents a single point of contact and maintain open lines of communication after hours with property management answering services from Absent Answer.

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Benefits of a Property Management Call Answering Service

Ever found yourself juggling multiple calls from tenants, maintenance crews, and vendors at once, and wishing you had an extra pair of hands? Our Property Management Answering Service is here to lend you just that, and much more. We’re the friendly voice answering your calls around the clock, managing those urgent maintenance requests, and ensuring you never miss an important conversation. It’s like adding a supercharged communication center to your team that’s tirelessly dedicated to streamlining your operations and creating happier tenants and smoother days.

Here’s how we can help:

Extend office hours

Manage leasing inquiries, maintenance issues, and tenant complaints anytime with our 24/7 answering service. With Absent Answer, your property management office is never closed.

Deliver excellent customer service

Every call to your office shapes the tenant experience. We train our agents on property management standards, ensuring efficient, frictionless, and effective communication with every call.

Reduce property management costs

Skip the costs of a full-time receptionist. With Absent Answer, pay only for the time you need. Our agents provide top-notch service around the clock, without inflating your payroll.

Efficiently process tenant requests

Never leave maintenance requests on hold. From minor issues to pressing emergencies, Absent Answer ensures consistent processing, following your protocols to address every tenant concern promptly.

Customized Answering Service for Property Managers

Whether you’re managing one apartment complex or dozens of properties across the United States, being inundated with phone calls and not having the staffing to deal with them can be a significant distraction. Not to mention bad for business. From new leasing inquiries to maintenance emergencies, important calls always need your attention and handling them effectively is crucial to your success.

Property management answering services from Absent Answer provides a dependable, 24-hour solution for handling tenant calls and maintenance requests while you’re out of the office, without the cost of hiring employees. Whether you need a backup solution for your site staff or a virtual receptionist for an apartment leasing office, our customized answering service can be tailored to the precise needs of your property management company.

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Improve Tenant Satisfaction, Decrease Distractions

Property management answering services help free your staff to focus on operations, not manning the phones. Our 24-hour call center is available 365 days a year to answer calls in the name of your company and process inquiries as an extension of your business.

By establishing a 24-hour hotline for your properties, you ensure that tenants and potential lessees always have a point of contact, even when your regular onsite staff or office personnel are unavailable.

Answering Service Features

Featured Property Management Call Center Solutions

24/7 and After Hours Answering Service

Imagine the relief when your day ends but your clients’ needs are still catered for. With our After-Hours Property Management Answering Service available 24/7, you can rest easy knowing your tenants’ calls are promptly answered, even when you’ve clocked out. Late-night lockout? Early morning maintenance request? Weekend call from a prospective tenant? We’ve got them covered, ensuring your services are available to your tenants around the clock, and you get that well-deserved break.

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Apartment building

Property Emergency Answering Service & Maintenance Call Dispatching

We understand that a property manager’s job doesn’t stop with office hours. Leaks, power outages, and other emergencies can occur anytime, causing distress to your tenants. Our Emergency Answering and Maintenance Call Dispatching service is designed to handle these situations.

We take the call and efficiently dispatch it to the right maintenance team or vendor, following your exact escalation procedures. The outcome? A faster resolution, satisfied tenants, and a smoother running operation.

Learn more: Maintenance Hotline Solutions

Appointment Scheduling

A missed leasing appointment or property tour is a missed opportunity. But keeping track of your calendar while managing properties can be challenging. This is where our Appointment Scheduling service steps in.

We handle the scheduling of leasing appointments, property tours, vendor meetings, and more, keeping your calendar organized, so you can focus on turning those potential leads into actual leases.

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Virtual receptionists taking calls in a call center

Virtual Receptionist & Overflow Answering Service

If your in-house team is swamped with calls or you’re experiencing higher-than-usual call volumes, our Virtual Receptionist and Overflow Service is your solution. We seamlessly integrate with your existing operations, becoming an extension of your in-house team. With us, every call is answered promptly and professionally, ensuring no tenant concern is overlooked and that you continue to provide excellent service, even on your busiest days.

With our property management answering services suite, you’re not just gaining a call center; you’re getting a partner committed to helping you create a thriving, efficient property management business. We’re here to make your job easier, your tenants happier, and your business successful.

How It Works

Having Absent Answer handle your property management calls is easier than you think. It’s as simple as establishing your account instructions, training our team, and then forwarding your phone lines whenever you want our agents to answer calls on your behalf. You can turn your calls over to Absent Answer at the same time every evening when your office closes for the day, during holidays when the office is closed, during busy periods, or on demand. We’re there to answer whenever your business needs us.

Here’s how a property management answering service works:

100% Customized Property Management Contact Center Solutions

Our property management answering service is completely customizable. We take calls as an extension of your property. We can book appointments for showings, handle after hours maintenance requests, dispatch emergency issues, take lease applications by phone, and perform other telephone answering tasks on your behalf.

Our answering services for property managers include

  1. After Hours Answering Service. Do you want calls to your office answered live 24 hours a day? Do you wish your receptionist was available around-the-clock? We’ve got you covered. Our 24 hour answering service can deliver the call coverage you need, when you need it.
  2. Maintenance Answering Service. Give your tenants a single phone number they can use to request maintenance or notify you of urgent issues occurring at your property. Our maintenance hotline can take routine messages or escalate issues directly to on-call personnel, allowing us to serve as the frontlines and filter out non-urgent items while ensuring important issues get the attention they need. We can reduce costly distractions while also decreasing your risk and liability.
  3. Overflow Office Answering Service. Don’t leave callers hanging when your office experiences a spike in phone calls. Our Overflow answering services for leasing offices is a cost effective way to ensure you always have backup telephone coverage and never miss a leasing inquiry. When your phone lines are busy, excess calls overflow to our call center, where our agents answer in the name of your property and handle calls as an extension of your office.
  4. Appointment Scheduling Service. We can schedule appointments for prospective tenants or maintenance contractors by accessing your web-based calendar system. By having our agents use the same system as your office staff, you can reduce data entry costs, reduce errors, and ensure everyone remains on the same page. More appointments and fewer scheduling issues means happier tenants and higher occupancy rates.

We serve a variety of property management professionals including:

  • Single Family Properties
  • Multi-family Properties
  • Commercial Property Managers
  • Facility Maintenance Companies
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Investors and Leasing Offices
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Landlords
  • And more!

Commercial and mixed use buildings

Call Center Solutions Built for Your Property

Allow the friendly receptionists at Absent Answer to take your calls while you focus on managing your properties. We are based in the U.S. and operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, delivering unparalleled support to property management companies across the country.

Common applications of our property management answering services include:  

  • 24 hour maintenance hotline. We enable you to process maintenance requests at all times, without sending every call to your technicians or maintenance staff. Our personalized maintenance hotline can be structured to ensure the right calls reach on-call personnel while non-urgent issues wait for the office to return.
  • Property emergency dispatching. Even though your office is closed, tenants may still encounter an urgent issue that requires immediate attention. Our on-call scheduling software enables property managers to define the exact contact procedures for their on-call personnel, which is then used by our agents whenever a call needs to be paged or relayed to the individual or contractor on-call. Urgent messages can be immediately text messaged, paged, emailed, or warm transferred to your on-call representative so that urgent property issues are immediately addressed.
  • Leasing office virtual receptionist. Why limit your availability when you can take calls 24 hours a day? Our friendly virtual receptionists are always there to take calls and work as an extension of your leasing office. Our personalized scripting can be setup to ensure we collect exactly the information you need from every caller, initiating the leasing process and giving your property the leg up with prospective tenants.

About Absent Answer

At Absent Answer, we’ve been answering calls for property management companies since 1985.

Each and every call, message, maintenance issue and appointment request gets handled accurately – 100% of the time. That kind of reliability allows you to focus on managing your property while we worry about handling your important calls and serving as your virtual office receptionist. The personal touch that your tenants feel is the same personal attention you can expect every day.

To your tenants, we are a friendly, helpful extension of your team.

To your office and maintenance personnel, Absent Answer is an accurate and reliable virtual assistant who knows you and your property. We are your virtual assistants who never miss a call, take a day off, or call in sick.  

The Absent Answer Difference

Why choose Absent Answer as the answering service for your property management company?

Positive, Outgoing Staff

When we say we have the best personnel in the industry, we mean it. Our call center specialists have been with us an average of 8 years. The industry average is a mere 18 months. Some of our staff has been with us since the beginning.

We only hire positive, outgoing people to assist your callers, so you can have peace of mind knowing your calls will be handled in the most courteous and professional manner. Our extensive training program ensures that all of our employees are prepared to answer any question a caller may ask.

Highly Trained Virtual Receptionists

Absent Answer works closely with you to develop service benchmarks and create a consistent training program to ensure that all agents are fully trained to provide your residents, prospective residents, office staff, maintenance personnel, and outside vendors and contractors with attentive service and exceptional attention to detail.

Superior Quality Standards & Reliability

Our clients consistently rate the quality of our service as good/excellent 97% of the time.

To ensure up-time and availability, our telephone circuits are set up with a fail-over in case of fiber optic cuts. We maintain redundant servers for all critical systems and ensure all data is backed up with UPS and natural gas generators in case of a power outage.

US-based call center

All our agents work and live in the USA. There is no offshore outsourcing.

24 Hour Property Management Call Center Solutions

Our property management call center never closes. Our team of professional live operators are available 24 hour a day, 365 days a year to take calls on behalf or your office. We provide property managers with a variety of telephone answering solutions, including:

  • After hours property management answering services
  • Property management daytime virtual receptionist services
  • Maintenance hotlines and emergency call dispatching
  • Property management appointment scheduling
  • Message taking and call routing for landlords
  • Phone trees and automated voice systems for apartment communities
  • And more!

Regardless the situation or type of calls you expect, we have the personnel, experience, and technology required to ensure each and every call is answered live and handled per your expectations.

Dispatching Maintenance Calls Directly to Your Vendors

Every company dreads getting an emergency maintenance call from one of their properties. At Absent Answer, our dispatchers are responsible for making sure that these calls are quickly routed to the appropriate vendor so that pressing maintenance issues are fixed in no time.

When a property maintenance call comes in from one of your tenants, we will follow your instructions to determine whether the issue needs to be dispatched to a maintenance vendor immediately or wait for regular business hours. If the issue is time-sensitive and requires immediate attention, we’ll get to work contacting the appropriate vendor on your behalf.

Services We Provide Include:

  • Centralizing all of your maintenance calls to a single phone number 24/7
  • Dispatching emergency maintenance calls directly to your vendors, saving you valuable time
  • Tracking the status of all dispatched work orders 24/7 using your web-based software

Call center agents

Helping Property Managers Respond Quickly and Professionally

Property management firms have numerous responsibilities and can find it challenging to balance day-to-day operations with the myriad of complaints, maintenance issues, and new tenant inquiries that come in by phone. At Absent Answer, our goal is to help property managers do more with less, answering calls in their name and providing the level of customer service their customers have come to expect. We answer every call live and handle it per your instructions.

Never Send Important Property Management Calls to Voicemail

When you work with Absent Answer, you ensure that every calls is handled per your expectations, and that situations requiring an immediate response receive prompt attention. We can immediately text, email, call, or page on-call maintenance personnel, contractors, employees, or other points of contact depending on the nature of the call. We can also function as the intermediary between your staff and callers, ensuring messages are relayed quickly and accurately, all while helping you to maintain a paper trail and minimize the time spent on the phone handling administrative distractions.

For One Property or Multiple, Everything is 100% Customizable and Scalable

Whether you have a single apartment building in need of a maintenance hotline or multiple properties requiring 24 hour coverage, our property management call center is capable of tailoring a solution to meet your needs. Every element of our call answering services are customizable, from the way we greet callers to the information we collect and the instructions we follow.

Our live answering services are also scalable to meet the growing needs of your property management company. We can take overflow calls when you’re marketing campaign generates more tenant interest than you were expecting; we can handle the influx of maintenance calls that arise when a construction project goes awry; we can setup additional numbers for each of your properties as you expand your portfolio. We strive to be your long term call center partner and are committed to delivering the customer service solutions that property managers need to excel.

Let’s Discuss Your Property Management Answering Service Needs

Every property management company is different. We are here to help you design an answering service that meets your needs. Contact us today to explore pricing and to speak with a member of our account management team, who can learn more about your situation and help advise which plan and options will best fit your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A property management answering service acts like your personal receptionist, handling all inbound and outbound communication related to your properties. They’re there to provide customer service around the clock, respond to tenant inquiries, dispatch emergency maintenance requests, and even help schedule property viewings. From taking messages to coordinating repairs, the service ensures smooth, timely, and professional communication, freeing you up to focus on growing your property portfolio.

Our property management answering service is specifically designed to provide around-the-clock support, ensuring that after-hour emergencies are handled effectively and efficiently. Our service operates 24/7, including holidays, with a dedicated team ready to address any emergency situation.

Here’s how it works: When an emergency, like a burst pipe or electrical issue, arises after office hours, your tenants can immediately reach out to our service. Our professional agents, trained in property management protocols, will receive the call. They will evaluate the situation based on the emergency criteria and procedures you’ve established.

And here’s the best part – our emergency dispatching is completely tailored to your needs. If you have a set protocol for handling emergencies, we follow that to the tee. If you don’t, we’re here to provide guidance on common emergency scenarios and help you develop a structured response system.

Let’s consider a situation where a tenant gets locked out late at night. If your policy doesn’t categorize this as an emergency or if you prefer to direct the tenant to a locksmith, our team will follow this non-emergency procedure. We’ll provide the tenant with the necessary contact information or advice, avoiding the need for unnecessary emergency dispatching.

This tailored approach ensures that every emergency is treated with the appropriate level of urgency. By eliminating the need for you to be on-call, it provides you and your tenants with peace of mind. Plus, our goal is to minimize disruptions and ensure quick, effective responses to urgent issues, which ultimately leads to higher tenant satisfaction.

And don’t worry about the specifics – we handle all types of emergencies. From power outages to fire alarms, broken heating systems to unexpected leaks, our team is well-versed in coordinating the required services or repairs. We work with your preferred contractors or maintenance teams, dispatching them as needed, while keeping you informed every step of the way.

In essence, with our property management answering service, you get a robust, customized solution for managing after-hours emergencies. It’s a win-win for everyone involved – you can rest easy knowing emergencies are under control, and your tenants get the prompt, professional help they need, no matter the hour.

The cost of a property management answering service can vary, depending on the volume and complexity of your needs. However, you’ll find it to be a cost-effective solution compared to hiring an in-house team. Our plans are flexible, designed to cater to diverse needs, from smaller landlords to larger property management firms. You only pay for what you use, and it eliminates overheads associated with an employee like benefits, sick days, or office space.

Review our plans and pricing

As a landlord, your list of responsibilities can be endless. Absent Answer’s property management answering service steps in to lighten that load, handling all communication-related tasks so you can focus on property upkeep, tenant acquisition, and strategic growth. From answering queries about property details, availability, and rent to managing maintenance requests and emergencies, the service ensures all calls are promptly addressed. It enhances tenant satisfaction, reduces missed opportunities, and enables you to manage your properties more efficiently.

A property management answering service can be a game-changer for short-term rental businesses. Given the unique demands of this sector, including high tenant turnover and frequent inquiries, an answering service ensures all communications are promptly and professionally handled. Our team can assist with booking inquiries, check-in instructions, urgent issues during a stay, and feedback collection post-departure. By providing a reliable point of contact for guests round the clock, it enhances guest satisfaction and aids in efficient property management.

Get Started Today

Impress your callers and deliver excellent customer service on a budget with Absent Answer.

Comprehensive Property Management Answering Services from Sunny Florida to All Corners of the Nation

Based in the vibrant heart of Florida, we are a U.S.-wide property management answering service committed to offering unrivaled customer care for property managers, landlords, and facility supervisors across the country. Our roots are firmly planted in the Sunshine State, but our reach extends far beyond its palm-lined borders.

In the ever-evolving real estate landscape of cities like Miami or Nashville, property managers can greatly benefit from a Florida-based property management call center that understands the unique demands of the industry. However, our expertise isn’t limited to our home state. From the golden coastlines of California to the bustling streets of New York City, we bring our top-tier, 24/7 answering services and maintenance hotline capabilities to you, wherever you are in the U.S.

Our commitment to deliver exceptional support is steadfast, transcending state lines and time zones. With us, you can be confident that your property management communication needs are in capable hands, 24/7, from sea to shining sea.

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