24/7 overflow answering service

24/7 overflow answering service

Try as you might, you experience busy periods where you run the risk of letting something important fall through the cracks. Employees get tied up, staffing issues arise, numerous customers encounter the same problem at the same time, your advertising starts to work — whatever it may be, there are periods where you’re simply unable to keep up with the influx of calls you’re receiving.

Instead of forcing those customers to wait on hold, leave a voicemail, or call back at another time, what if you could seamlessly transition them to a trained professional who works as an extension of your business and can deliver top notch service on your behalf?

With overflow telephone answering services from Absent Answer, that’s exactly what you get.

Virtual receptionist taking calls

Professional answering services for peak overflow

Professional answering services for peak overflow

Every call is an opportunity. Whether it’s an existing customer needing support, a new prospect ready to take the next step, a potential partner, or a current customer looking for additional services, every call to your company presents an opportunity to enhance your business. That’s why it’s so important to ensure calls are answered live.

By customizing our live answering service to the needs of your business and configuring your telephone service to roll over to a different number when your lines are tied up and wait times are starting to increase, we’re able to establish a team of receptionists who are available 24 hours a day to supplement your existing staff.

Overflow Answering Service Features

How It Works

Establishing an overflow call handling solution is easier than you think. When call volume spikes, instead of overspending on additional staff or worse, limiting yourself to existing resources and paying the price by way of frustrated customers, overflow service gives your company access to highly trained customer service agents and telephone receptionists who are ready to take your excess calls at a moment’s notice.

Here’s how overflow call answering works.


You Receive a Call You Can’t Answer

A caller dials your number but no one is available to answer the call. Your staff could be tied up on other calls, stuck in a meeting, experiencing an emergency, or otherwise unavailable.


We Answer On Your Behalf

Without an overflow service, your callers would be stuck waiting, but with Absent Answer, these queued calls can be routed to our agents instead. We answer live in the name of your business.


We Take Action

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for delivering overflow call handling support, so our team is armed with your precise instructions and handles each call per your expectations. We can perform initial screening and deliver scripted solutions based on the nature of the call, complete trouble tickets or orders in your system, use web based software, take messages, and more.

Why Use Overflow Call Answering from Absent Answer?

Our overflow call-handling solutions deliver businesses the best of both worlds: The ability to instantly increase capacity and staffing without the actual costs associated with hiring and supporting employees. Instead of permanently adding to your staffing costs to keep up with the occasional busy period, you only pay for our services when needed.

For a fraction of your existing costs, we can provide professional telephone coverage and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing every caller will speak to a live person and have their needs addressed in real-time.

Why enlist Absent Answer to handle your overflow calls? Let’s explore some of the top benefits.

  • Make the most of every call. Every call is important. Each time the phone rings, the quality of the customer service experience could mean the difference between new business and happy customers or damaged relationships and lost opportunities. Why take any risks? Overflow answering services ensure every call is answered live.

  • Reduce customer hold times. Whenever you get busy, customer service starts to suffer. Callers have to wait a little longer to speak with someone and by the time that they do, the interaction is already off to a bad start. Overflow call handling provides a better solution. Instead of compounding customer issues during busy periods, you gain a helping hand. When you start to get busy, our agents start taking overflow calls on your behalf.

  • Eliminate repeat calls. Repeat calls are bad for everyone. They tax your already limited resources and negatively impact customer service. Having every call answered and processed thoroughly the first time around is guaranteed to deliver better outcomes. Your callers get the support or information they need, your staff stay focused on new inquiries, and issues are resolved as quickly as they arise.

  • Handle peak periods with ease. There are certain times when you’re overloaded and there’s no way to escape it. Maybe it’s a result of having customers in different time zones that don’t all align well with your office hours, customers rushing to reach you before the end of the day, or an emergency that causes a spike in calls. Whatever the cause, these periods are sure to push your personnel to their limits, often resulting in diminished customer service and an increase in errors. By partnering with Absent Answer to be there when you’re at capacity, you can rest easy knowing extra support is always right there and ready to help clear calls.

100% Customizable Overflow Telephone Answering Services

Sending excess calls to a third party answering service doesn’t mean you have to settle for generic solutions that don’t mesh with the needs of your business. Our overflow answering services are 100% customizable and can be configured to integrate seamlessly with your existing operation.

For example, if you provide emergency services and experience an influx of calls due to a natural disaster, you may want every new caller to go through a standard screening and dispatch process. Our agents could follow the same steps as personnel taking calls in your office. If you need certain calls escalated to specialists, we can make the determination and ensure they reach the correct party. If taking messages and explaining next steps is more convenient, we can be your receptionist.

Regardless of the calls you receive during peak overflow periods, our service can be customized to deliver seamless support. Below are just a few of the common scenarios that we encounter.

  1. Overflow Customer Service. Too many customers calling at the same time? Your backup call center is ready to help. We can take excess customer support calls when your existing team gets overloaded.
  2. Overflow Call Dispatching. Sometimes a single crisis impacts all of your customers at once. Overflow call dispatching ensures you have the personnel available to field, process, and dispatch every call that comes in.
  3. Receptionist Call Overflow. Small businesses are more susceptible to having their phone lines occupied and leaving new callers stuck on hold. Overflow receptionists from Absent Answer can ensure that never happens and that you always have a professional representative available to answer live.
  4. Peak Overflow Support. Some busy periods are expected but nonetheless difficult to manage without increasing staff. If you have windows where you routinely can’t handle all of your calls, Absent Answer can supplement your existing staff and handle the excess, and for a fraction of what it would cost to keep someone on staff to help out onsite.

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