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Night & Weekend Answering Service

Never miss an important phone call again. Our night and weekend answering service provides live telephone support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can guarantee every call made to your business is answered live. 

Business Closed Nights and Weekends Still Takes Calls Using an Answering Service

Always Remain Available to Your Customers

What happens to your telephone calls when your office is closed? Do you transfer calls to voicemail? If so, you may be missing out on valuable opportunities. For online businesses, on-call service companies, medical offices, law firms, and other businesses where customer needs don’t always arise between the hours of 9-5, night and weekend calls can be a valuable source of new business. 

With a night and weekend answering service from Absent Answer, you can ensure your calls are always answered by a live person. Our answering service operates 24/7 and can take your calls at any time of day or night. 

Personalized Night & Weekend Telephone Answering

Every business is different. As a result, our night and weekend answering service is 100% customizable. Whether you need a virtual receptionist to take your calls overnight while your office is closed or a weekend on-call dispatching service to handle emergency calls, our answering service can be tailored to the specific needs of your business. 

Remote Receptionist Answering Calls

Customizable Options & Services Include: 

  • Night & Weekend Call Scripting: Determine the scripting our agents use to guide callers. We can follow different scripts depending on the time of day or type of call. 
  • Night & Weekend On-call Guidelines: We follow your on-call guidelines and can route calls to the appropriate party based on your on-call schedule and their contact preferences. Our on-call instructions can also vary based on the type of call or time of day. 
  • Night & Weekend Appointment Scheduling: Enable our agents to schedule and manage appointments on your behalf. All we need is access to your online calendar system or appointment scheduling tool. 
  • Night & Weekend Customer Support: Our answering service can function as your third-party customer support department and provide basic tier 1 customer service after hours. 
  • Night & Weekend Order Entry Service: We take calls and place orders in your system or guide callers through the online order process. This is perfect for e-tailers. 

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To learn more about setting up a night and weekend answering service for your business, view our plans and pricing.