Appointment scheduling shouldn’t be limited to office hours. With 24 hour medical appointment scheduling services from Absent Answer, you can allow your patients to schedule and modify appointments around the clock at their convenience. 


A Professional, Patient Friendly Appointment Scheduling Service


Why put a patient on hold or make them call back later when you can ensure they receive a professional agent each and every time? With Absent Answer, you never have to worry about frustrating patients. We answer calls live and handle their requests as an extension of your office. We help improve the patient experience by providing the staffing you need to handle routine office calls without increasing your payroll. 

When a patient calls your office to schedule an appointment, our staff answers with a smile and responds per your instructions. All of our medical answering service agents are based in the U.S.A. and our services are fully HIPAA compliant. 

24 Hour Medical Appointment Scheduling

Our medical appointment scheduling service works by delivering your practice with a team of medical virtual receptionists who are trained to take calls in the name of your practice. When a patient calls regarding an appointment, we can handle their call as if we were sitting in your office, using the same web-based scheduling software. In the event we can’t interface with your scheduling system, we can take patient information and prepare their appointment request for processing when your office staff returns. 

Since our medical answering service never closes, our services enable your practice to take appointment calls 24/7/365. Whether a patient calls right after the office closes, over the weekend, or during the day when your office staff is busy, we are available and ready to assist. Our service can enable after-hours appointment setting that provides more convenience to your customers and helps differentiate your practice from the competition. 

Free Up Your Office Staff for Other Tasks

Medical offices are busy places and office personnel often have a myriad of tasks that need their attention. Appointment scheduling is critical, but calls can happen in bursts and are often the most time consuming. By using Absent Answer to handle the appointment scheduling needs of your medical practice, you free up time for office staff to focus on other priorities. 

Get Started Today

Get help with your medical appointment scheduling by contacting Absent Answer today. Learn more about our budget friendly pricing packages and share your needs with a medical call center expert so that we can design a solution that is a perfect fit for your practice.