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Absent Answer is a leading Florida-based answering service providing call center coverage for medical practices throughout the Tampa area. Our Tampa medical answering services give healthcare professionals a dependable, 24-hour solution for handling their inbound calls. Built with providers in mind, our medical call center services are designed to function as an extension of your practice, triaging calls per your instructions, taking messages, handling routine office calls, and ensuring only true emergencies reach on-call personnel.

 With over two decades of experience managing the call center needs of medical practices throughout the state of Florida and across the United States, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional patient care without drastically increasing operating costs or provider overhead.  

Tampa, Florida Medical Call Center Services

Tampa, Florida Physician Checking Messages from the Answering Service

Taking care of patients is your top priority, and taking care of your inbound calls is ours. Why risk sending important calls to voicemail, relying on error-prone technology, or unnecessarily burdening on-call staff when you can depend on a trusted team of HIPAA compliant call center professionals? Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of your practice while delivering an exceptional telephone experience to your patients and staff.

Whether you need a basic daytime answering service for a small physician’s office or a 24/7 call center for a statewide network of providers, we can help design a medical answering service solution that meets your exact needs. 

Examples of common medical answering services we provide to Tampa providers include: 

  • Tampa Medical Office Virtual Receptionist Services: This basic medical answering service can be used to replace or supplement a traditional office receptionist, allowing you to drastically reduce overhead expenses without impacting the quality or availability of service your patients receive when they call your office. Our medical virtual receptionists answer as an extension of your practice, handling routine calls with ease and freeing up your office staff to focus on more important tasks. 
  • Tampa After Hours Answering Services: After-hours medical answering services from Absent Answer allow your practice to remain available around the clock by providing trained agents to answer calls on your behalf, day or night. If a patient or another provider calls after hours, our friendly receptionists are there to assist, following your instructions and seeing each call through to resolution. We can take messages and hold routine calls for office hours, refer emergency calls to 911, dispatch urgent calls to your on-call staff — each and every after-hours medical call can be scripted and guided per your office procedures. 
  • Tampa Medical Appointment Scheduling Services: The top reason people call a medical office is to schedule, verify, or make changes to an appointment. Our medical appointment scheduling services help Tampa medical practices streamline their front office processes by providing 24/7 virtual office support. By utilizing Absent Answer’s trained staff to answer your calls and schedule appointments on your behalf, you give your patients the ability to call and make appointments at any time. No follow-up necessary, no delayed response times, no long periods of waiting on hold. 
  • Tampa Overflow Answering Service: You can only take so many calls at a time, but that doesn’t mean they stop coming when you’re too busy to pick up. With overflow answering services from Absent Answer, you can ensure every call is answered live and that you never miss a call, even when your existing office lines are tied up.
  • Tampa Emergency Answering Service: Emergencies can happen at any time — day or night. With Absent Answer, you never have to worry about missing or mishandling an emergency call. Our trained emergency answering service representatives are always on standby, ready to answer your calls live and swiftly execute your emergency call handling procedures.
  • Tampa Secure Text Messaging Service (HIPAA Compliant): Secure Text Messaging from Absent Answer is a proven, trusted solution for physicians, medical professionals, and others who require strict privacy and secure communications. Our Secure SMS service allows you to send and receive secure messages on your smartphone using our MiSecure messaging application. The app sends encrypted messages to its own inbox, separating important messages from text messages and email.

A Trusted Medical Answering Service Since 1985

At Absent Answer, we’ve been answering medical calls since 1985. Each and every call, message, order, and appointment gets handled accurately – 100% of the time. That kind of reliability allows you to focus on growing your medical practice while we worry about handling your important calls and serving as your virtual call center. The personal touch that your callers feel is the same personal attention you can expect every day.

To your patients, providers, and staff, we are a friendly, helpful extension of your team.

To you, Absent Answer is an accurate and reliable medical answering service who knows you and your business. We are your call center agents who never miss a call, take a day off, or call in sick.  

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Absent Answer is a telephone answering service based in Florida. We proudly take calls for physicians and medical practices throughout the state and country.

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