Property managers all have at least one thing in common: Tenants encountering maintenance situations that require resolution. With 24 hour property maintenance hotline services from Absent Answer, property managers and landlords can establish a single point of contact for handling incoming maintenance inquiries from their tenants, ensuring all calls are handled promptly and receive the proper attention.

24 Hour Tenant Maintenance Answering Service

Fielding maintenance calls from tenants has never been easier thanks to Absent Answer’s 24 hour hotline availability. Regardless when your tenants call, we are there to answer live, ensuring each request is handled promptly and ensuring callers receive a consistent customer service experience.

Respond to Maintenance Situations Per Your Policies and Procedures

Our maintenance hotline staff are trained to handle each call professionally and per your instructions. We understand that some maintenance situations require immediate attention while others can wait for office hours; some will be addressed by you as the property manager, others need addressed by the tenant. We can account for all of these situations and handle each appropriately.

After Hours Emergency Maintenance Dispatching and Coordination

Who is responsible for responding to your after hours maintenance emergencies? Are there different on-call maintenance technicians who assist with fielding and coordinating your response? If so, we can maintain the on-call schedule in our system and deliver emergency calls to the appropriate staff member around-the-clock. If our point of contact changes based on the situation, we can program those instructions directly into our system, allowing our operators to dispatch calls to the right party — whether that’s a member of your staff, a third party contractor, or an independent maintenance company.

In addition to dispatching urgent maintenance situations, we can also assist with obtaining pertinent information, recording owner approvals and authorizations, walking through basic troubleshooting steps, and more.

Integration with Work Order Management Systems

Our maintenance hotline can be as simple or complex as necessary to ensure your operation runs smoothly. A basic maintenance hotline may involve taking messages, texting information to your on-call staff, then clearing the call when they respond. A more involved solution may involve direct integration with your property management software or work order system, where our agents create new work orders in your database and then initiate their resolution by contacting field service personnel, updating records per your processes, and transitioning open work orders to your office staff when they return.

We can even handle calls 24 hours a day, eliminating the distraction of maintenance issues entirely and freeing up your time to focus on other pressing concerns.

Improve Profitability by Reducing Risk and Waste

Properly addressing maintenance is critical to the success of property management companies and landlords who make their living off rental properties. Neglect maintenance and you’ll have issues finding and retaining tenants, not to mention the increased costs of fixing major problems that could have been avoided if they were addressed earlier. At the same time, it’s easy to waste time and energy on routine issues that could be avoided with better communication, education, and strict adherence to maintenance policies.

By implementing a maintenance hotline to deal with tenant requests, you can ensure that every issue is handled appropriately. Serious issues can be addressed immediately; non urgent matters can wait; other matters can be referred to the appropriate party (such as giving tenants a number to a preferred contractor when there’s a matter they’re responsible for). We can work off of your maintenance policies and ensure they are followed.

Let Us Implement Your Maintenance Hotline Today

Every property management company is different. We are here to help you design a property maintenance hotline service that meets your needs. Contact us today to get pricing and to speak with a member of our account management team, who can learn more about your situation and help advise which plan and options will best fit your business.