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Service Multiple Industries with cheap call center services

Medical Practitioners Answering Service

Absent Answer’s HIPAA trained staff is specifically trained in best practices of supporting patients and medical professionals for over 23 years. Our experience includes working with a variety of Large and Small Practices, General Practitioners, Specialists/Surgeons, as well as Home Health Care & Nursing Agencies.

Absent Answer will help you manage patient care in the same caring and professional manner as you do. Whether you use our services 24 hours per day or strictly for after-hours and overflow support, rest assured knowing our professional and skilled representatives are available to enhance your trusted relationship.

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Physicians Answering Service

Physician answering services from Absent Answer give doctors a dependable, 24 hour solution for handling their phone calls and telephone communication needs. Originally founded with doctors, our call center services are designed to function as an extension of your practice, triaging calls per your instructions, taking messages, handling routine office calls, and ensuring only true emergencies reach on-call physicians or personnel.

With over three decades experience managing the telephone answering needs of physicians throughout the state of Florida and across the United States, we can help you deliver exceptional patient care without increasing the costs of running your practice.

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Municipalities, City Services, Governments

Absent Answer, a division of C. Reiplich-White, Inc. is registered CCR 48377123, Dunns 148649619, SBA PO259121 and a Florida State Certified MBE.

To ensure that you can provide the right response at the right time, we provide customized message management tools to give you the consistency you need, whether your company has a single location or has multiple locations nationwide.

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How much does one missed call cost you? Did you know that 50% of callers don’t leave a message on answering machines or voicemail? Are you tired of getting non-emergency calls on your cell phone or when you are busy?

With Absent Answer providing a seamless extension of your office, callers will feel they are talking to someone in your office, giving them the impression that you have a larger business.

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  • Roofers
  • Painters
  • Landscapers
  • Carpenters
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Pest Control
  • Paving Contractors

Answering Service for Small Businesses

Live telephone answering services from Absent Answer help solve the small business customer service dilemma by providing friendly receptionists to answer calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our small business call center agents answer live in the name of your business and take calls as though they were a receptionist in your office.

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Answering Service for Information Technology Companies

When it comes to hardware or software support, Absent Answer knows each call is critical to the success of your business. Absent Answer enables you to make an immediate and informed response to calls resulting in retaining existing clients and earning new ones. Also take routine messages and forward them via fax, or email on a routine basis.

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Real Estate Answering Service

Our real estate answering service enables real estate professionals to focus on their business, not running a call center operation or the headaches associated with staffing full-time phone coverage. Whether you’re a real estate agent, property management company, investor, or agency, Absent Answer can help ensure every call you receive is answered live and handled professionally.

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Property Management Answering Service

  • Enables you to make an immediate and informed response to tenants calls
  • Patch callers directly to any phone
  • Dispatch text messages to any cell phone or email address
  • Help you to manage your time and be more productive-profitable
  • Allows management to be kept informed while not being on call

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Attorney Answering Service

Since 1985, Absent Answer has been answering calls for the legal field. We understand that when it comes to the law, every call is critical for a successful practice. To make sure that important messages get to the right person every time, Absent Answer offers customized call routing for your practice’s specific needs.

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