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Hospitalist Answering Service

Hospitalists are busier than ever. Our 24/7 answering services are designed to make their lives easier. 

Absent Answer’s hospitalist answering service is a service that assists with all incoming calls for hospital-based physicians. We provide professional live agents who are available around the clock to give your calls a personal touch while ensuring information is flowing quickly and efficiently between parties. 

Hospitalist physician talking to a patient in the hospital

Trusted by Physicians Nationwide

Physicians use Absent Answer to handle all of the routine telephone calls that they receive while at the hospital or away from their facility. We can script calls so that they’re unique to the needs of each practice, collecting pertinent information from nurses and other callers and dispatching messages per your specific instructions. Non-urgent calls can be held for your check-in or distributed on a schedule of your choosing, while emergencies can be paged or sent immediately via our secure messaging system. 

Avoid Distractions While Never Missing an Important Call

An effective medical answering service is critical for hospitalists who need to remain accessible to their patients and hospital staff without being constantly distracted by incoming calls. Absent Answer provides an important buffer between physicians and callers trying to reach them. 

Built-in Hospitalist On-Call Scheduling 

Answering services from Absent Answer include an on-call scheduling system that ensures our call center always has current information about on-call physicians and their contact instructions. Our system helps ensure that we are always reaching the right on-duty physician at the right time, and with the right information. 

We save you both time and money by only delivering the calls you need when you need them. This also helps reduce stress by avoiding unnecessary interruptions. 

Serving Hospitalist Groups Small and Large

Our flexible and highly personalized solutions are a fit for practices of all sizes. Whether you are a solo practitioner or part of a hospitalist group, our answering services can be tailored to your precise needs.

Every physician can have their own set of instructions that our agents use to answer and dispatch calls on their behalf. We work with each hospitalist practice to determine how calls should be handled when they’re out of the office, including how messages should be prioritized. 

Secure Messaging System

Secure Text Messaging from Absent Answer is a proven, trusted solution for physicians, medical professionals, and others who require strict privacy and secure communications. Our Secure SMS service allows you to send and receive secure messages on your smartphone using our MiSecure messaging application. The app sends encrypted messages to its own inbox, separating important messages from text messages and email. 

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We have been answering calls for medical professionals nationwide since 1985. During that time, each and every call, message, order, and appointment has been handled professionally and personally. That kind of reliability allows you the time and space to manage and grow your practice.

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