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Florida Answering Service

At Absent Answer, we have provided Florida businesses with high-quality, live, courteous, professional, 24-hour telephone answering services for over 35 years. We can provide answering service for your phone after hours, when you have overflow calls, during emergencies, as your dispatching call center, as your inbound or outbound customer service team, and more.  

Our Florida answering service is 100% customizable. Our professional answering services include call center outsourcing support, help desk solutions, virtual receptionist services, on-call, anonymous hotline services, and custom contact center implementations that are tailored to the needs of your business. 

Absent Answer
1301 Penman Road, Suite D
Jacksonville, FL 32250

Don’t Miss Important Calls

In business, missed calls often mean missed opportunities to make money. We can ensure you never miss a call. At Absent Answer our agents are available to provide you with answering services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter where you live or do business in Florida, our remote agents can answer your phone, take a message and immediately pass the information on to you. We can send messages in a variety of different ways, including text messages, ensuring you always have current call data at your fingertips. 

We Do Much More Than Just Take Messages

We specialize in providing professionally trained operators to answer your phone calls 24 hours a day. Working as your virtual receptionist, we can connect you with callers immediately, take a message, address their questions or concerns, and even follow a script that varies based on the nature of their call. We can then pass on the information to you via text, fax, email, or phone call. We can provide the live phone support you need to keep your business running efficiently. It’s like having a live virtual receptionist or personal assistant working for you, but for a fraction of the cost. 

Custom Florida Answering Services & Contact Center Solutions

Florida Answering Service Operator Taking Calls - Absent Answer

We offer a wide range of very helpful telephone answering services in Florida and across the United States. They include:

  1. 24-Hour Live Phone Answering
  2. Overflow Call Answering
  3. After Hours Call Answering And Dispatching
  4. Emergency Call Answering
  5. Anonymous Employee Hotline Services
  6. On-Call Phone Answering
  7. Help Desk Call Answering
  8. Call Center Services
  9. Virtual Receptionist Service
  10. Order Entry Call Answering
  11. Appointment Scheduling Service
  12. Inbound And Outbound Customer Service Calls
  13. Secure Text Messaging
  14. Sending Messages For Immediate Attention

Answering Services for Your Every Need

Here is a closer look at what we offer.

Florida 24-Hour Live Phone Answering

We have courteous, polite, well-trained, experienced, professional, live operators who are available to answer calls 24 hours a day. Many people hang up when they get an answering machine because it seems impersonal. Our warm, welcoming live operators let callers know their calls are important and their requests, questions, and concerns will be addressed right away.

Florida Overflow Call Answering

When you have so many calls coming in you are unable to answer all of them, our live agents can answer the overflow calls, take messages and assist callers while you are unavailable. This ensures even if your lines are tied up, you will never miss important calls.

Florida After Hours Call Answering And Dispatching

If calls come in after the hours you are available, our specially- trained, courteous, operators can answer them, take messages, answer their questions based on the information you provide and ensure all critical calls are dispatched swiftly and accurately to your on-call personnel.

Florida Emergency Call Answering

Whether emergency calls come any time of the day or night, our live operators ensure your business will remain available. Our emergency answering service can also be used as a backup in the event of a disaster or other emergency. We will make sure someone is always available to take any type of emergency call coming into your business during the day, late at night, or on weekends and holidays. With Absent Answer, you can remain available to your customers 24/7. 

Anonymous Employee Hotline Services

We can help you to set up, run and manage a 24/7 employee hotline you can use to solicit anonymous feedback from your employees on ethics, safety or labor violations, any job-related issues, complaints, questions or concerns, and information on any other types of actions or situations that can impact your staff, customers or business.

On-Call Phone Answering

Our live operators will ensure important calls from customers trying to reach on-call personnel are not sent to voicemail. We will make sure urgent calls reach the right on-call personnel without delay. Our on-call phone answering service can improve your customer services by making sure someone is always there to help customers connect with your on-call personnel quickly.

Help Desk Call Answering

Often called Level 1 Tech Support, these calls enable companies to quickly resolve more than 90% of technical support issues by providing instructions to concerned customers.

Our live operators can answer those calls, fill out ‘trouble tickets’ identifying the technical problem’s level of importance and immediately notify your staff so they can contact the customer and give them the help they need.

Florida Call Center Services

Our team of experts can partner with any company to establish an effective, affordable call center. We have the personnel, expertise, technology, and experience to quickly and efficiently set up and deploy a well-staffed and fully functional call center that’s personalized to meet the unique, specific needs of your company. Our call centers can help your company with a wide array of call handling services.

Florida Virtual Receptionist Service

We can provide business owners constantly out of the office with reliable remote office assistants with the professional secretarial skills, expertise, and experience to do all of the daily tasks in-house office assistants usually do. We provide all the services busy businesses need from a fully-equipped remote location for much less than in-office receptionists.

Order Entry Call Answering

Our live call answering operators are trained to handle order taking, cross-selling and up-selling. They can help you to maximize the returns you get from your sales efforts and campaigns. The order entry call answering our agents do can save you time and money whether you’re a small business enjoying a rapid increase in orders or a larger company experiencing an overload in after-hours order processing. Our operators are experts at handling order processing tasks.

Appointment Scheduling Service

Properly scheduling appointments is critical to business success. Having all customer calls answered by one of our live operators can help to ensure every customer who calls has the ability to and convenience of scheduling appointments quickly and easily. That is very important for companies of any size and in any industry. Our live 24-hour available operators and virtual receptionists can answer every call when you are not available and book customer appointments according to your specific instructions and needs.

Inbound And Outbound Customer Service Calls

Our live operators have the training, experience, and expertise to properly handle both your inbound as well as your outbound customer service calls. Any time a customer calls your company and no one is available to answer their call, you miss what could be a very large order and lose the opportunity to make more money. Plus, unanswered calls are considered poor customer service and can cause potential clients to turn to other companies to buy needed products and services. 

Live operators at our Florida answering service can take all inbound calls from and make outbound calls to your customers, give them the information they want and make sure all their customer service needs are met.

Secure Text Messaging

Using our Florida answering service gives you access to our Absent Answer Mi Secure messaging application that can be used to send as well as receive secure messages via your Smartphone. This app can send you encrypted messages to its inbox and separate the most important messages in your personal digital assistant(PDA) from other random, less important text and email messages.

Sending Fax Messages And Emails For Immediate Attention

Our well-trained, highly skilled operators and call center staff are professionals who make sure to dispatch all the messages you receive using a variety of methods. These include sending emails, faxing documents and information, sending text messages, and more. Our automated message routing program prevents human error during the process of sending messages to multiple on-call staff members. As Florida’s best answering service, we have earned a reputation for effectiveness and accuracy.

Located in Jacksonville and Serving Customers Statewide

Absent Answer is located in Jacksonville, Florida and we proudly serve customers throughout the state of Florida and across the United States.

Jacksonville, Florida - Home of Absent Answer, a Florida-based answering service

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