Welcome to Absent Answer, the premier USA-based answering service catering to businesses of all sizes and industries nationwide.

American Answering Service Founded in 1985

Since our establishment in 1985, we’ve built an enduring legacy rooted in flexibility, dependability, and adaptability. We don’t just claim to understand American businesses; we immerse ourselves in the rhythm of your operations, supporting different businesses in unique ways, around the clock, every single day of the year.

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Nationwide Answering Service Tailored to You

Our client roster is as diverse as the United States itself. Here are just a few examples of who we serve:

  • Physicians in Florida: We handle appointment scheduling, patient inquiries, and after-hours emergency calls, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on their patients.
  • HVAC Contractors in Ohio: From service requests to customer queries, we ensure every call is answered promptly, even during peak seasons.
  • Attorneys and Law Firms in New York: Confidentiality and professionalism are paramount for our legal clients. We manage client calls, appointment setting, and initial consultations, providing a seamless service.
  • Property Managers in Colorado: We help manage tenant calls, emergency line support, and maintenance requests, acting as a vital communication bridge between property managers and tenants.

And that’s not all. We serve all kinds of businesses in every state – whether your industry is on this list or not. We design our services to meet your unique business needs, regardless of industry or location.

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US-Based Call Answering Service Available 24/7/365

At Absent Answer, we offer a wide spectrum of services beyond just answering phone calls. We aim to help your business:

  • Close more deals: We capture every opportunity, ensuring you never miss a potential lead.
  • Improve customer service: We provide a professional, friendly voice at the other end of the line, improving customer experience and loyalty.
  • Streamline operations: With us handling your calls, you can focus on the heart of your business operations.

Experience the value a reliable, USA-based answering service brings to your business. With Absent Answer, your business is always in good hands, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Coverage Area – Browse Answering Services by State

From the historic landscapes of Massachusetts to the golden hills of California and down to the sunny coastlines of Alabama, Absent Answer ensures every call to your business is handled with care. As a reliable US-based answering service, we operate across the United States, ensuring your customers always find a friendly, professional voice on the other end of the line, no matter the time or day.

Each state in our great nation has its unique blend of industries and businesses. Our nationwide presence enables us to cater to every one of them. Browse our solutions by state below.

Answering Services by City

View all of our southeast locations that we provide call center and live answering services for local businesses. Including Jacksonville, Orlando, and beyond.

Don’t see your city listed? Don’t worry! We serve customers nationwide. Contact us today to learn more.