24-Hour Live Miami Answering Service

Absent Answer offers a wide range of Miami call center service levels for businesses and individuals who need to stay in touch.

Answering the Call since 1985
How We Help Miami Businesses
  • Accurately message and detail every call
  • Convert curious callers into buyers
  • Convert concerned callers into happy customers
  • Impart accurate product and service information
  • Reduce internal staffing headaches with overflow routing

Client Testimonial

Just one of many satisfied answering service customers in Miami

Miami Answering Service for Doctor's Office:
"We have been using Absent Answer for since we opened our office in 2004. Since then we have referred all of our colleagues to their service. Absent Answer provides excellent customer service along with the proficiency and caring nature of handling our calls. We can always relay on accurate information from receiving our emergency calls. They make sure we get all calls in a timely manner, via a paging system. They follow-up on all calls to make sure they were handled and that the patient has been contacted. All operators are very helpful and professional at all times. I would refer anyone to Absent Answer. They provide quality service and they are the best!"

Our Miami Call Center Clients

It is understandable, you have to rest sometime, but are determined to give your clients the best. Let us take care of the various shifts, where human resources are at a premium; whether you need a lunch hour, sick day or are out of the county, our staff will keep you on track.

Our Clients Include:
  • Orlando Medical Practitioners Answering Service
  • Orlando Tech Services Answering Service
  • Orlando Government Answering Service
  • Orlando Contractors Answering Service
  • Orlando Property Management Answering Service
  • Orlando Real Estate Answering Service
  • Orlando Elevator Monitoring Answering Service
  • Orlando Roadside Services Answering Service
  • Orlando Law firm Answering Service
  • Your Small Business....and more!

Our city of Miami coverage area includes: