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Property managers are always busy. They have to juggle many tasks during the day, and often they don’t have time to answer the phone. They also face situations after business hours that require immediate attention, despite their office being closed for the day. 

A property management answering service is a solution that can help property managers with their call handling needs. In this post, we’ll explore what an answering service is and how it can benefit busy property managers. 

What is an answering service?

An answering service is a company that answers calls for other businesses. They take messages, dispatch calls, and perform other telephone-related business processes, such as scheduling appointments or answering questions. 

What can an answering service do for property managers? 

An answering service can perform a variety of tasks for property management companies. For example, they can answer calls from tenants, take messages, and forward calls. They can also provide 24/7 coverage for emergencies, schedule appointments, and handle customer service inquiries.

An answering service can be a valuable asset for any property management company. Providing around-the-clock coverage and handling various tasks can help free up staff time and improve the level of service that tenants receive.


Absent Answer’s phone answering services provide property management companies with live operators who are available to take their calls 24 hours a day

Benefits of a property management answering service

Here are some of the benefits of using a property management answering service:

1. Always availableProperty management call centers are always available, even when the property manager is not. This means that no call will ever go unanswered and that the manager will always know what’s happening.

For example, suppose the property manager shows a unit and a prospective tenant calls the office. In that case, the answering service can answer the call and schedule an appointment on the manager’s behalf. 

2. Screen calls – Answering services can screen calls for the property manager. This means that only important calls will get through, and the manager won’t waste time on calls that don’t need to take.

For example, not every maintenance request comes in after-hours in an emergency. The answering service can answer routine requests and hold them for the office while escalating urgent calls to the appropriate party. 

3. Take messages – Telephone answering services can take messages for the property manager or leasing office. This way, the manager will always know who called and what they wanted without having to take every call personally.

4. Forward and dispatch calls – Answering services can forward calls to the property manager, even if the manager is not in the office. They can also dispatch calls to maintenance or other staff members so that the manager doesn’t have to do it themselves.

For example, suppose an emergency maintenance call comes in after-hours and requires the immediate attention of your emergency plumbing contractor. In that scenario, the answering service would function as the maintenance hotline, fielding the call, determining emergency criteria are met and then dispatching the call directly to the contractor.

This speeds up the maintenance process and ensures the issue is addressed as soon as possible with less friction and expense between parties. 

5. Save time – Phone answering services can save property managers a lot of time. They can handle all the calls that come in, so the manager can focus on other tasks.

6. Save money – Call answering services can save property managers money. They can handle all the calls that come in, so the manager doesn’t have to pay someone to answer the phone. Call answering services are far more affordable than paying an hourly employee to man the phones. 

7. Improve customer service – Answering services can improve customer service for property managers.

For example, they can ensure that every call gets answered live and that a courteous customer service agent always greets customers.

In addition, customer service representatives (CSRs) receive extensive training on telephone-based customer service. Since it is their only job, property management companies can ensure that tenants constantly receive excellent service. 


Property managers can benefit from using an answering service in many different ways. An answering service can save property managers time and money while improving customer service and business operations. 

If you’re a property manager looking for help with your call volume, contact Absent Answer today to learn more about our 24/7 call center and live answering services.

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