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November 23, 2022

What Does a Virtual Medical Receptionist Do?

Are you a doctor or medical practice looking for an efficient way to manage incoming calls? A virtual medical receptionist may be the perfect solution! Virtual medical receptionists provide effective and cost-efficient customer service by taking on administrative tasks such as greeting patients, scheduling appointments, and answering common questions. With their help, your practice can focus more on delivering the best care to your patients. Let’s examine what these services can do for you and your practice. What is a Virtual Medical Receptionist? A virtual medical receptionist is an answering service that takes calls for medical practices or physicians, often accepting messages and on-call requests from patients and other callers who call outside the office or clinic hours.  The service provides numerous receptionists available 24 hours a day who aim to deliver patients the same customer service they would receive from the office or in person without additional staff. Virtual […]
November 23, 2022

How an After-Hours Call Answering Service Works

At its heart, every business is a people business. Whatever your industry, customer service is integral to sustainable and profitable growth – 91 percent of consumers are more likely to make another purchase from a business following a positive customer service experience. But what happens when a client or prospect phones after hours? How can you deliver the same high standard of customer care while staying within budget and affording your employees the work-life balance they deserve? The answer for many businesses is an after-hours call answering service, also known as an after-hours telephone answering service or call center. What Is an After-Hours Answering Service? An after-hours answering service is a call answering service that allows your business’s phone lines to stay open 24 hours a day, every day of the year – including weekends and holidays. Organizations from a dynamic cross-section of industries and specialty areas benefit from ensuring […]
October 6, 2022

Why Using an Answering Service is Cheaper than Hiring a Receptionist

Businesses need to have calls answered live to provide excellent customer service. Two ways businesses can provide live customer service are by hiring employees in-house or outsourcing to an answering service.  Both approaches have pros and cons, but using an answering service is more cost-effective than hiring additional staff. Using an Answering Service vs. Hiring Staff Answering services use what is known as usage-based pricing. This means that businesses only pay for the services they use. No need to worry about benefits, vacation time, or other employee-related costs. This makes answering services a more affordable option for small businesses in particular. When comparing the cost of using an answering service to hiring additional staff, it is important to consider all the associated costs. In addition to salary, businesses must also factor in the cost of benefits, vacation time, and other employee-related expenses. When these costs are taken into account, it […]
October 6, 2022

Should Small Businesses Answer Calls After Hours?

After-hours call handling for small businesses: options and considerations for dealing with phone calls outside regular business hours. Small businesses have a lot to juggle and often operate on tight budgets, so it’s no surprise that after-hours calls can be a tricky issue. There are several ways to handle calls when your office is closed, each with pros and cons. Common Approaches for Handling Calls After Hours There are numerous ways that you can address after-hours calls. Let’s review some of the most common approaches. Voicemail One option is simply utilizing voicemail. This is usually the most affordable option, but it can also be the least effective. Customers may not bother leaving a message if they know they won’t receive a call back until the next business day. Additionally, voicemail can give the impression that your business is small or unprofessional. Automated Greeting Another option is using an automated greeting […]