Plumbers make money in the field — fixing leaks, repairing broken pipes, clearing drains, and troubleshooting plumbing issues — not sitting on the phone. Yet responding to inbound calls is critical to winning business and delivering excellent customer service. With Absent Answer’s plumber answering service, you can ensure each and every call is answered live without investing costly resources in administrative overhead.


Your 24 Hour Plumbing Answering Service

Absent Answer provides 24 hour answering services to plumbing companies nationwide. Whether you’re a solo plumber or a nationwide operation, our call center agents are trained to answer your calls live, deliver exceptional customer service, and handle each situation per your expectations.

By establishing a 24 hour answering service, plumbers can ensure every call is answered live and that valuable business never gets lost on voicemail. It has been proven that customers are likely to hang up and try another business if they’re presented with a voicemail option and have a pressing need. Why risk losing business to the competition when you could have your inbound plumbing calls answered live 24/7?

The Best Way to Deliver Emergency Plumbing Services After Hours

Offering after hours emergency plumbing services is a great way to increase revenue and differentiate your company from the competition. The only challenge is staffing and costs.

Our emergency answering services are perfect for plumbing companies as they provide the professional call center personnel and technology you need to field calls around-the-clock, without the costs associated with hiring additional personnel or setting up your own call center operation.

When calls come in to your plumbing company after hours, our agents answer live in the name of your business, capturing important information, asking the right question, and dispatching calls to the appropriate party. True emergencies can be dispatched to the plumber on-call, while routine calls can be held for the next business day.

Custom Answering Services for Your Plumbing Company

We help plumbers improve their customer service while reducing costs, leading to more business and higher profits. Each element of our plumbing answer service can be customized to meet your needs.

When our agents answer your calls, we can answer in the name of your business. We can inform customers when to expect a return call or even provide routine information while on the call, saving both you and your customer valuable time.

Routine calls to schedule a plumbing consultation or non-urgent matter can be done for you through your web-based scheduling system. Urgent calls can be immediately dispatched to your on-call staff, and escalated to other personnel accordingly.

Get Started Today

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