An employee hotline is a versatile tool that enables organizations to solicit feedback, complaints, and anonymous tips from employees via a dedicated phone number that is monitored 24 hours a day.

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An Anonymous Hotline Protects Your Business

Ethics violations, sexual harassment, and other incidents can have a devastating impact if they aren’t discovered quickly and handled appropriately. In many organizations, the only recourse employees have is to report incidents to their direct supervisors. Unfortunately, due to the fear of retaliation, this can stifle open communication and result in less transparency.  

By setting up a secure employee hotline for your business, you give employees a way to report sensitive information anonymously, empowering them to do the right thing and help you uncover potentially damaging situations before they take a toll.

Hotline Services Help Foster a Safe Workplace & Increase Employee Satisfaction

Employees and company leaders who feel empowered to take action are more likely to help your organization uncover problems that require action. When these incidents are consistently brought to light and handled per your company policies, you reinforce your commitment to maintaining a safe and ethical workplace, increasing employee satisfaction in the process. Happier employees stay longer and have a greater impact on your bottom line.

Confidential Incident Reporting & Message Handling

Employees need to trust that you will do the right thing with their information. A third party employee hotline builds trust by eliminating the risk of bias that may come from an internal monitoring system. Our employee hotline can be configured so that it is 100% anonymous, only collecting the information required and sharing it with the appropriate stakeholders.

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