Medical professionals know that the healthcare industry never sleeps. It can’t. Patient needs extend around-the-clock and healthcare professionals need a way to stay connected.

With after hours medical office answering services from Absent Answer, your practice can maintain 24 hour availability without managing the staff, disruptions, or administrative overhead that comes with it.

Our highly trained call center representatives are skilled at taking medical practice calls after hours. By tailoring our service to the needs of your office, we can ensure that each after hours call is handled per your specifications, as if we were an extension of your regular office staff.

Extending Your Medical Office Hours

Without an after hours answering service, your medical office’s availability is relegated to office hours. That means you’re dependent on voicemail after hours, or worse, you ask callers to try again when you reopen. In the competitive healthcare industry where patients have a choice and are increasingly demanding more attentive, personalized care, a lack of availability can have a negative impact on your practice.

Absent Answer solves this problem by providing a professional telephone answering service that is built to support your office after regular business hours. When your office staff leave for the day, we take over, giving your patients the same friendly, attentive customer service they have come to expect when calling your office.  

Custom Call Handling for Healthcare Practices

Some after hours medical calls require immediate attention. We can refer emergency calls directly to the emergency room or 911. We can escalate important patient calls directly to your on-call doctor or attending physician. We can take detailed messages and hold them for office hours, assist with routine appointment matters, and answer questions as an office receptionist. Calls from hospitals or other medical professionals can have protocols that are distinct from patient phone calls.

Any call that your medical office takes during the day can be planned for after hours. Our goal is to treat every caller as if they were our own, helping you maintain a track record for top flight patient care without burdening your practice with administrative bureaucracy or increased overhead costs.

A Secure, HIPAA Compliant Solution

Every aspect of our after hours medical answering service is HIPAA compliant. From the telephone recordings and software systems to the encrypted methods used to deliver secure communications, every step of the process is setup to ensure patient privacy remains fully intact. Our secure text messaging service even allows your providers to send and receive secure messages on their smartphones using a dedicated secure messaging application.

Start Your Medical Answering Service Today

We work with medical offices of all shapes and sizes, from solo practitioners, physician groups, hospital networks, specialty clinics, dentists, home healthcare professionals, and more. Trusted by medical offices across the country, partnering with Absent Answer means you can rest easy knowing the needs of your patients are being attended to 24/7.

To learn more about our after hours answering services, contact us today to get pricing and discuss the needs of your practice. We are here to help.