After hours dispatching services from Absent Answer give your business a professional dispatching operation that is on-call and ready to field your calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Helping You Field and Dispatch Important Calls After Hours

Important calls can come in at anytime — day or night. If your business reverts to voicemail after hours, you may be missing valuable calls and sending customers to the competition.

Instead of losing business to voicemail, our after hours dispatching service ensures your calls are answered live by friendly operators who are familiar with your business and trained to act fast while maintaining excellent customer service.

Your Customizable After Hours Dispatching Call Center

Our after hours call center agents are equipped to ask the questions that matter to your business, provide customers with important information, and to dispatch calls to the appropriate personnel. After hours call escalation policies can be put in place to ensure important calls are cleared quickly, even when the first point of contact is unavailable. Messages can be delivered via multiple methods, including phone call, text message, and email.

Reduce Costs and Increase Business Off Hours

Why limit your business hours if customers need you 24/7? With Absent Answer, you can extend your availability beyond office hours without drastically increasing your operating costs. There are no employees to pay or infrastructure to invest in. Instead, you only pay for the time we spend fielding your calls.

After hours dispatching services from Absent Answer will enable your business to operate around-the-clock, presenting more opportunities for you to land business and forge new customer relationships.

Get Started Today

Ready to setup an after hours dispatch answering service for your business? We are ready to help. Contact us today to discuss your after hours call dispatching needs and learn more about our affordable pricing packages.